LoLoBug, 45

Was online: 9 September 2018

Durham, United States

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I'm looking for a Caucasian man (30-40ish) who is kind, genuine, down-to-Earth, financially secure and who savors life. Someone who is honest in ALL situations, full of integrity and who challenges himself to continuously make the right decisions. TURN ONS: Honesty (above ALL else), integrity, confidence (not to be mistaken as arrogance!), wit, spontaneous acts of selflessness, refined culture, humor, "old-fashioned" values (i. e. Atticus Finch), charm, chivalry, gentlemanly behavior (standing as I leave the table). Extra points to those who love dogs and laughing a lot (or a combo of the two). TURN OFFS: Insecure and weak willed men, the act of "beating around the bush", NASCAR, arrogance & cockiness, ignorance, wasteful behavior, backwoods yahoos, Country music, and lying for any reason (but especially for vanity).

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Height 5' 4" - 163 cm, weight 99 lbs - 45 kg
Never married

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