kgant, 28

Was online: 9 September 2018

Fredericksburg, United States

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I am looking for someone who is funny, and entertaining. I want someone who whats to travel and see the world with me. I am looking for someone to talk to, to spend time with. I looking for the comfortable silences, the speaking with the eyes, and the undying devotion. Someone who is honest, and faithful, and true. Who only has eyes for me. Someone unstanding and caring. Who is creative and up to trying new things, and dealing with my random acts of getting to know one another better, even after years of being together. Someone who doesn't feel like he has to spend time with me, but wants to spend time with. I promise that if you can be this guy or even 75% of this guy I can give it all back to you and more.

Personal info

Height 5' 1" - 155 cm, weight 161 lbs - 73 kg
Never married

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