Highlander33, 52

Was online: 8 September 2018

Alexandria, United States

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A beautiful, intellectually challenging, sweet kind woman who can be very feminine and a tomboy at the same time. Someone with true Class who may have everything in life but would never flaunt it. Would prefer someone who has never been married and, while this may be very shallow, someone who is not overweight. I work hard not to be overweight and just don't find overweight people attractive. I love woman who can make that little black dress look like a million bucks but doesn't mind throwing on jeans and no make up for a day of horseback riding. I don't mind waiting for a woman to get all decked out when we are going somewhere nice but am a little turned off if she is so vain she can't be seen at the beach without an hours worth of work. I appreciate beauty but need someone who also has that inner beauty and self confidence. Someone who blushes when I complement her but knows she looks good anyway if that makes sense. Someone who can take care of themselves but knows when to let me fix something so I can feel like the "protector". I know how to treat a woman, I'm looking for a woman who actually knows how to treat a good man. By the way, closed minded people, zealots and/or liberal people will simply not like me. I am hoping to find someone who has strong ambitions but also wants a family and will appreciate having a man who will step in front of a bullet for her. I'm not into tattoos or piercings and while I don't mid foul language I can not stand a woman who is crude or has no class.

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Height 6' 0" - 183 cm, weight 185 lbs - 84 kg
Never married

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